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Comparing Buffer Agency with RiteKit Package

Updated March 11, 2023

Social media publishing: Buffer vs. RiteKit Package

Buffer Essentials is $5/month per channel, while RiteForge is $15/month for unlimited channels.

As you add the social profiles of just one or two clients, you will need their Agency Plan: $100/month for 10 social profiles to publish to. With RiteKit Package, unlimited social profiles. Further, you get all the social crafting tools built into the RiteForge Composer, included templated and dynamically-font-resizing text images (Image/Gif Templates). With Buffer Pablo, nothing is templated; each use of Pablo opens a new browser tab and forgotten when you close the tab.

Are you on Buffer Agency? Compare what you get for $100 from Buffer with what we give you for $65/month from Ritekit: the full RiteKit package

You might also want to compare the package with MeetEdgar.

We think you'll like social post auto-generation with Enhance and generating text images in 2 seconds, not 6 minutes - and soft-selling every time you share a post containing a URL. Only RiteKit offers this, either with RiteForge or the RiteKit Package.

What's more, with Buffer, you would need to pay for to bake your advertisements onto what people see when they click URLs in your social posts. All of the following, for, is included in the RiteKit Package:

RiteKit Package's vs. and six other value-added link shorteners

Here's why it makes sense to automatically craft and schedule your social posts a new, faster and engagement-tested way:

Unlimited seats (users) are included with the RiteKit Package and with no additional fee per user. Here's how to share your RiteKit Package with your team of absolutely any size.
With the RiteKit Package, you get the RiteForge 2,000 scheduled posts in queues tier, enough for any company, organization or social media agency with several clients. (See below if you need a fatter package.)
You also all the social crafting tools built into the RiteForge Composer for Enhancing posts with your unique rules for auto-hashtagging, attribution, emojis, and even the ability to advertise on URLs in your posts.
You can also auto-generate and schedule up to 50 posts at a time with RiteBoost (Bulk Creator) - and then do another 50, another...
Also included are Image/GIF Templates, which generate your self-branded animated or non-animated text images in 2 seconds. With Buffer Pablo, nothing is templated; each use of Pablo opens a new browser tab and forgotten when you close the tab, and done from scratch, take 2 to 6 minutes each to prepare.
No need to pay for in order to sell on URLs in posts. is included, and does video ads that doesn't have. (included in the package).
Also see How to manage social media for clients with RiteKit

Already decided, just want to setup your RiteKit Package now? See this - the fast setup tutorial.

Getting started

Start a trial with the button below RiteKit Package (or hit "Upgrade" in our site and the button's below RiteKit Package). There is no upfront credit card authorization. No tricks, no obligation. If you do not choose the continue with the Package, the trials just expire. No need to even cancel.

How to share your RiteKit Package with as many team members as you like (and pay no more when you do so)

However you registered, you have your basic login: email, Twitter or Facebook. (If you registered with Buffer, please add an additional login; we'll be removing Buffer login in time.)

If you do not wish to share the login credentials to the existing RiteKit login with your team, in Settings, add an additional Twitter or Facebook account. It could be a personal social profile of a colleague or even a newly-made Twitter/Facebook account that you create and share credentials for, just for RiteKit login.

What to do:
With RiteKit open in one browser tab, open another browser tab and log out of Twitter or Facebook. In the new tab, then log in with the Twitter/Facebook account you wish to add.
Back in your RiteKit tab, hit the + under Twitter or Facebook Login.

Use the Allow for login button to make the newly-added Twitter or Facebook account.

Finally, set up scheduling times per social profile added with the calendar icon beside each social profile in Settings.

Remember to always login to RiteKit with one of the social profiles or email you have set for login. (It is not possible to add emails for login.)

Not only can you share your RiteKit Package with your team, but if you have clients/partners that you would like to create and schedule social posts for, just get their Twitter/FB login credentials and add their accounts in Settings.

"But, are you guys aiming to upsell me...?"

We hope to have you with us for many years to come. As such, we do not hope to upsell or cross-sell to you. Many have asked for a "one and done" solution that provides more than ample access to all of our products. See this comprehensive page on the RiteKit Package. For $65/month or $650/year, you get full access to all four products detailed in our pricing: RiteTag, RiteForge, RiteBoost and You get the full RiteTag, a tier of RiteForge that is comparable with the $65/month tier of Buffer, a high tier of RiteBoost (automation), and a huge tier of

Everything included in the package, so you shouldn't need more, unless you are a large marketing agency (and should contact us when the Package does not meet your needs for queued posts):

RiteForge for generating posts with the hashtags, emojis, images that get the posts seen. ($29/month or $290/year as a standalone product). for Link Ads which let you advertise on top of anyone's Youtube/etc. videos, blog posts, slide decks, Instagram feeds and much more. Your branding, colors, logos, tracking pixels, too many dynamic options to list. ($45/month as a standalone product, in the volume of link clicks included in the RiteKit Package).

RiteBoost for ingesting not only your own blog, Youtube channel, etc., but for continuously pulling in the latest content from 14 types of sources, refining what you get, Enhancing with those

RiteTag for hashtag generation for Instagram, Youtube cover images and titles, entire Tweets, photos in any site or social publishing tool. Integrates seamlessly with Facebook Creator Studio for free desktop publishing to Instagram Business Accounts. ($49/year).

Get all four tools in the full package (monthly or yearly)

Total: $65/month / $650/year - 45% off
We include generous tiers of all products so you wont need to upgrade further. If purchased individually from RiteKit, total cost: $97.08/month
The Package replaces $59/month of, $100/month of Buffer, and for automated publishing, provides far more content sources and options than MeetEdgar's $49.99/month plan.

When you're ready to get set up and running with all of RiteKit available to you, see the quick setup tutorial.

Updated on: 11/03/2023

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