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The differences between RiteTag, RiteForge, Riteboost and

Updated January 5, 2023

See this 6-minute video to understand which solutions are provided by each of the four RiteKit products.

There's no single plan with all four RiteKit products, so please do free trials, get the web and mobile apps for each, and then, see Upgrade to review what you get with each product and select your weapons.

RiteTag ("Hashtags" in our site's top menu) does real-time analytics-based hashtag engagement color-grading along with hashtag suggestions for Instagram, Twitter and beyond. Search our tutorials for using the RiteTag browser extension with your favorite social media management tools, sites and right inside all social and content networks. Browser extension and mobile app included when you pay for RiteTag.

RiteForge ("Publishing" in our site's top menu) is the post-crafting and social publishing solution.

RiteBoost ("Enhance" in our site's top menu) delivers Enhance in all social publishing products. ("Link ads" in our site's top menu) lets you create and save unlimited self-branded Link Ads (text, image or video calls-to-action) on pages you share as URLs in social posts and elsewhere.

For Enhancing and publishing, you would need RiteForge. If you use and prefer Buffer, Hubspot, Sproutsocial, Sendible or any other social publishing product and just want Enhance (auto-hashtagging, auto-emojify, author-attribution, link shortening with a Link Ad on page URLs in social posts (and much more), you'll want RiteBoost, which also includes the Bulk Creator automation dashboard.

This help page may help, too, as it compares our social media post creation and publishing product, RiteForge with Buffer, and compares with on features you get for the money.

All of our free trials are truly "no obligation," no credit card pre-authorization
You can trial any of the RiteKit products for free, without credit card pre-authorization**. We do not "assume the sale"; if you do not wish to keep RiteTag, RiteForge, RiteBoost or, when your trial expires, we do not automatically bill you.

Let's compare: The closest competitor's tier pricing vs. RiteKit just-what-you-need pricing

Say you just launched a budding social media management agency. Your low and mid-tier clients will use your domain for their URLs. You have no top-tier clients yet. When you do, you will set up and use their domain for their URLs. For now, just the one domain will do. 

Because the closest competitor to,, offers features based on their tiers, the cheapest tier you'll need to get even one custom domain is Business: US$149/month. That would cost you $25/month ( Pro + one custom domain) with us. Even just to replace the logo (linked to their site) with your new agency's logo or your client's logos, again, due to their packages, the number of brand logos are limited by tier, and the cheapest tier that allows this at all is Business, $149/month. With, you get unlimited brand logos and unlimited Link Ads at just  $15/month. Beyond that, metering is done by monthly clicks on your links.

Comparing Ritely and Sniply on features and their costs

If you want to not opt out of advertising for every time you share a URL with a Link Ad, and/or you want to use even one custom domain, that starts at $149/month with

Pay for the link clicks you need, custom domains you need, and scale up or down on a month to month basis with Start very small and only pay more for more domains or clicks/month as your revenue grows.

Social media publishing: Buffer vs. RiteForge

Buffer Pro is $15/month, as is RiteForge, but Buffer Pro gives you 100 posts in each queue ("account"), and limits you to 8 social accounts, while RiteForge let's you spread your 300 posts in social account queues over unlimited social profiles. Only RiteForge lets you connect unlimited social profiles, which Buffer does not, and let's you spread your posts queued limit over all your queues. Buffer Pro only allows you to keep 100 posts queued.

When you consider that it makes sense to publish more frequently to some social profiles rather than, say, LinkedIn or Facebook, the ability to spread your posts-in-queues limit as you wish lets you do more with any tier of RiteForge vs. Buffer.

As you add the social profiles of just one or two clients, you hit the 8 social profiles limit with Buffer Pro and so, you need their Premium Plan. You now jump from $15 to $65/month for 2,000 scheduled posts in queues. With RiteForge, 2,000 scheduled posts in queues is just $29/month, not to mention all the social crafting tools built into the RiteForge Composer, included our original animated or non-animated text images (Image/Gif Templates). With Buffer Pablo, nothing is templated; each use of Pablo opens a new browser tab and forgotten when you close the tab.

With Buffer Publish, if you're doing Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Pinterest for your agency and just two clients, the jump from $15 to $65 is steep and further tiers, even steeper: $99, $199 and then $399/month. With RiteForge, the tiers are $15, $29, $99 and $149. Unless you're an agency, managing social for your company and several clients, you'll probably have enough with our $29/month tier.

A huge plus, beyond the far more gradual price jumps in RiteForge tiers is how with RiteForge, your queued posts limit is for all posts combined, spread over all your social profile queues. Thus, while you may have some clients on your lite or "bronze" plan, and you might just create and schedule 1 to 3 posts/day for just Twitter and Facebook, your enterprise or "platinum" clients may get 10 posts/day and to more social profiles. With Buffer, it's a flat 2,000 posts/queue limit and just a matter of how many social profiles; with RiteForge, there's no limit on social profiles, just the posts queued. Thus, if you have several small clients, you would have what you need with RiteForge at $29 or $99/month.

Maybe I need all four tools? They work together for a compound effect, and you save 45% when you take the RiteKit package

Who is the full package right for?

Everyone in need of a complete solution for social media content curation, post generation, social advertising* and publishing.
Curate and auto-generate posts from any of 14 sources.
*without paying for promoted posts or ads. You will advertise with your free, organic social posts. Everywhere you can share a link (URL), you will get your brand and offers seen.

Those looking for one suite of tools to replace:
Buffer, Sendible, Meetedgar,
a costly desktop to Instagram publishing tool (here's how)
a platform that allows them to add unlimited client social profiles, template branded ads, image generation and rules, for use in it's own automation dashboard (here's how)
a way of automatically feeding every possible remarketing pixel for social ad-targetting (here's how for Tag Manager; here's how for Facebook)
Canva/Pablo/etc. with a tool that integrates everywhere and generates text images with unlimited brands and custom styling - all templated (here's how)
time-consuming measures to prevent Instagram shadowbans (here's how)
tools with browser extensions that integrate with the sites they use for social - and work in Chrome, Firefox and include this solution for Edge, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi...
many fringe tools with one suite that covers all social media post creation and publishing needs for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and special solutions for Instagram, IGTV, Tiktok and beyond.
social media post creation and publishing browser plugins/extensions. All four RiteKit products include browser extensions for all browsers other than Safari.
all mobile hashtag tools RiteTag alone includes two mobile apps for both iOS and Android. RiteForge and RiteBoost include an Android app, and includes an iOS app.

Startups, small businesses, clubs, nonprofits and solopreneurs will all want to do what we at RiteKit do by using all four of our products in combination:
Build an audience by sharing the content of others while soft-selling on top of the content. Here's the process.
See one of our social profiles, note how we share the blog posts and other content of others - all stuff that's right for our audience - and if you click on the links in our posts, you'll see how we advertise on top of the content. This is how we make social media our number one source of inbound marketing, selling as we build a targetted audience. See this page for how to do this automatically.

Looks like a lot to learn?

Not really. Once you get your social profiles added and scheduling times set, make a Link Ad and a couple Formulas, you will automate away the social post refinements that you've done (or should be doing). A little time spent for set up is about to save your hours/week for years to come.

Use our knowledge base from any RiteKit page you're on. There are over 100 tutorials on the using RiteKit product features and using the products together.

The RiteKit Youtube Tutorials Playlist is zero-fluff, all education.

Still stuck? Send screenshots, OS, and login name to for real human help from a real RiteKit human staff member.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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