Updated June 4, 2021
From late March, 2018, Twitter changed their terms of service such that scheduling the same Tweet to multiple Twitter accounts would constitute a violation of their terms of service. RiteForge uses Twitter's API for scheduling to Twitter and to avoid facilitating a violation of their terms of service, you will find that you now can schedule to just one Twitter account in a RiteBoost Bulk Creator Formula's "Add to Queue Settings" field. If you attempt to add an additional Twitter account, it will not be added:

Note that you can add other social profiles, Pinterest Boards, etc., just not more than one Twitter account.

For OFF mode Formulas, you can also:

Reload, choose posts and Enhance, then hit Add to Queue.
Reload again and repeat, but with a different Twitter account saved in the Add to queue field.

In any case, if scheduling to multiple Twitter accounts, be sure to change the post at least somewhat - to appease Twitter.
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