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Comparing the RiteKit Package to MeetEdgar

Updated February 13, 2023

MeetEdgar is handy - if you have a very active blog, Youtube channel and produce a lot of your own content. It sure does help you keep your social profiles busy. For building a market by advertising on any content you find and filling various points in a marketing funnel - all the way to the sale - you need far more. For sharing content from the world's most popular Youtube, IG, Snapchat, Tiktok, Facebook, etc. accounts, top-tier blogs and so on, and riding the wave of interest by advertising on top of their content, there is nothing like the RiteKit Package.

With the RIteKit Package, you import content from your own sources - as well as **anyone's ** Youtube, blogs, Tweets, Pinterest, Twitch, Instagram, and in all, 14 sources. Then, auto-generate social posts with auto-hashtagging, auto-emojis, attribution that tags authors of content in Twitter - and your URLs get your advertisement seen by those that click your URLs.

With the RiteKit Package, for strategy, you can do as we do in social: build your audience by sharing the content of others - including top influencer's stuff - while soft-selling with your text, image and video advertisements that our seen by those that click your links.

The value:

Generous tiers of all products so you wont need to upgrade further. If purchased individually from RiteKit, total cost: $97.08/month. If purchased as $200+/month. goes far beyond Sniply Business ($59) with Snapchat/Tiktok/Instagram and video ads.
RiteBoost's Bulk Creator automation dashboard powers generation of quality social posts from 14 types of sources of content, far more than Meetedgar.
Unlimited seats (users) - add unlimited users by adding their social profiles (100% of desktop use, including browser extensions for all products; the main user gets all of the mobile apps. Sub users would need to pay individually for RiteTag mobile if needed.)

JUST ADDED, not in the tutorial videos yet: schedule/publish to unlimited Instagram Business Accounts!
Add IG Business accounts in the RIteKit Dashboard, than you'll generate brilliant IG posts in seconds, schedule to any of your IG Business Accounts in RiteForge site and browser extension and the RiteBoost Bulk Creator automation dashboard:

Instagram Business Account publishing from RiteForge and RiteBoost

And the RiteKit Package is just $65/month for everything. Even less when you pay yearly: $650.

The RiteKit Package is the best choice for organizations and businesses in need of a complete solution for social media content curation, post generation, social advertising* and publishing.

Curate and auto-generate posts from any of 14 sources.
Soft-sell by advertising over other people's Youtube, Vimeo, Tiktok and Snapchat videos, Instagram and Facebook posts blog posts and most web pages.
Share one RiteKit Package account with as many team members as you like - with no added cost per "seat" (user)!

*Without paying for promoted posts or ads. You will advertise with your free, organic social posts. Everywhere you can share a link (URL), you will get your brand and offers seen.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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