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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated January 5, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

I searched in the RiteTag site or RiteTag browser extension's Hashtag Bar, and got no results or a "gray" rating.
This means that the hashtag is not is regular enough use to be rated.
Solution: Try going broader, more general with your topic words. is not used as the URL shortener by default.
Every time I use Enhance or otherwise want to make a from a full URL, I have to manually use the site or browser extension.
Solution: Click here (or, RiteKit logo, to-left > Enhance tab), edit and save your default Enhance preset to include URL shortening with your choice of Link Ads for the default Link Ad.

I want to use a Link Ad other than my default Link Ad.
Solution: In our site and when using the RiteForge browser extension, to the right of the Enhance button, you'll see a down arrow. Use this to modify what Enhance does, including choice of Link Ad and anything else you do/do not want.

My Link Ads don't always display. I tried clicking on a link in one of my posts, in Facebook, Twitter, etc., and the page opened, but the Link Ad did not display
Solution: If it's a site you don't know to allow Link Ads to display, please test it before scheduling. Here's the help page, with a quick video on how to test with either the or RiteForge browser extension.

The clicks per Link Ad are much higher than what I see in Twitter analytics.
We only count real, human clicks, not bots, but note that many things happen after a Tweet or other social post is published. In might be aggregarated and republished in a,, Bottlenose,, Instapaper, etc., and your URL can then get clicks that will not show in Twitter analytics or most other analytics. Our Tweets have been published in web/text magazines, books and online courses, some, with URLs. We count the clicks because they actually cost us. 

What happens to the links I've shared if we stop using, or stop using with custom domain?
If you just leave the paid tier, Pro and continue with Free, and if your DNS settings stay the same, your Link Ads will show until you hit the limit of link clicks for the free tier. Then the URLs will redirect to the original URL but not show the Link Ad anymore.

If you completely go to another service and change the DNS for the domain, the [] links you have shared will not work. There is no way we can make the links work at all because the requests will no longer be coming to our servers.

Scheduling Stuff

I keep seeing "Facebook found my link to be unsafe."
If you are not sharing a blog that has far too many layers of splash pages, pop-overs, pop-unders, etc., then the most likely reason that Facebook is rejecting your posts with or URLs is that you are making a tinyURL URL of a tinyURL. Instead, break the iFrame with the X somewhere on the tinyURL page or otherwise use the full URL.**Solution:** Always make's or's of full URLs, not tinyURLs.

Twitter called my Tweet "duplicate."
You can only post a Tweet once in a "period" that changes and Twitter wont share. It was 24 hours, and may be 12 hours when you are reading this.
Solution: Avoid scheduling the same Tweet more than twice in the same 24-hour period.

Downloading a remote media file failed.
This happens because we're getting your image from somewhere, and the source may be too slow to respond. Cheap servers/CDN or maybe it was a high traffic time of day.**
Solution**: Edit the post, add an image again and reschedule. Or, delete the post.

I want to delete all scheduled posts in a queue.
Solution: For any queue other than your login queue, if you have many posts queued, it may be easiest to click the X beside the social profile in RiteKit Accounts, and then add it. Note that this cannot be done with your login social profile's queue.

Social Media Curation and Creation/Generation Stuff

In RiteBoost, I created a Formula, saved it, but the posts have no title or too much text.
Solution: Click on the Formula to open it, click Edit (beside the Formula name), and modify the elements that will be used in creating posts.

RiteTag hashtags for images, Image/GIF Templates (quotes, text images), branding, and all things visual

I right-click on an image but don't see the Hashtag Suggestion mouse menu option
Solution: The image is probably a preview, not the full image. Try clicking on the image, and if a new view of the image opens, usually a larger version of the image, now right-click on the image. If you still do not get the mouse menu Get hashtags for image option, please write us with the URL that contains the image and note which image, if it is not clear which one you are clicking.

I use extract images from links in my default Enhance setting but sometimes, I get no image.
This happens since there isn't always a worthwhile image on every page.
Solution: Click in the Enhanced post and then, click in a word and then the image button. You'll be able to pull up galleries of click-to-add images, and then, can change the searched term as needed to get to an image you like. Both are possible with the GIF tool, tool
You can also click in a hashtag and you'll see a pull-down arrow with Images and GIFs as choices.

How do I replace RiteKit branding with my own branding or clients' branding in Image/GIF Templates?
Solution: In Image/GIF Templates, each of your templates can take different branding. To use the same logo, use the duplicate option to start a new template.

How do I replace RiteKit branding with my own branding or clients' branding in Link Ads?
Solution: Click Edit in each Link Ad to replace the logo with your own, or a client's, in each Link Ad.

Note that there are two clickable elements in your Link Ads: the brand logo clicks through to where you designate and also, the actual Link Ad CTA (the button) clicks through to where you want people landing. They need not be the same:

I know what I'm doing and don't want any emails from RiteKit.
Solution: To opt out of all newsletters and emails that we're sure are important, deselect the "Receive important updates" box in this page and save.
To get your most recent invoices for monthly and yearly payments, click here.

How do I change my login social profile? I signed up with the wrong Twitter or Facebook profile or, someone else at my organization will manage our RiteKit accounts.
Solution: Add the social profile here.

I forgot my password.
Ritekit products use social login. Please always login with the same social profile that you registered with. Note that if you have more than one Twitter, Facebook or Buffer account, we need you to be logged in to your RiteKit registration Twitter, Facebook or Buffer account - or you will inadvertently create a new RiteKit account, start trials, and they'll expire and the system will not know what products you are paying for.

If you cannot login to the social profile that you use for RiteKit login, you'll need to take that up with Twitter, Facebook or Buffer (whichever you used to create your RiteKit account).

We are a big organization and need numerous staff to have access to one or more RiteKit products.
We do not have an enterprise version of our tools yet, but can help simplify billing.
Solution: Write us with the number of staff you need to have access to specific products. If a call would help for determining exactly what you need per staff member, please request a call when you write us, and note what you'd like help with.

I just want to cancel.

If you are not paying for any RiteKit products, there's probably no need to cancel. To opt out of getting emails from us, deselect receive important updates and save.
If you started any free trials and do not want to pay for the product(s) after the trial, please note that your trial(s) will just expire. You will not be billed. You need to proactively upgrade to go from trial to customer.
If you are paying for one or more products and want to stop your recurring payment, please write us and note which products you want to cancel. We will do that immediately and email you to let you know that it's been done.

Reporting bugs and getting one-on-one help

Chat with us when you're logged in. This way, we'll know who you are and have access to past conversations. Remember: the chat accepts your screenshots, which help greatly and also, allow us to forward bugs to the developers.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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