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How we decide what to share from what journalists, bloggers and others write about our software products

Updated February 13, 2023

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This page reveals how we assess what people write/etc. about us and our products. We are always grateful for the thousands of people who saw enough in our products to recommend them in articles, videos, slide decks, Instagram posts, TikTok... We appreciate all of it. We are fortunate that more people continue to give us positive write-ups than we would want to fill our social stream with, and thus, we cannot share everything. This page is to help you understand how we decide what to share. You might use a similar approach when you decide what to share from those who recommend you, your company and products/services.

We try to limit which videos, blog posts, articles and other media we share to content that:

Explains what the core value of one/all of our products is or
Shows/explains a use case for one or more of our products
Shows or describes the current version of one or more of our products*

We tend not to share content that:

Is a syndication of something published originally elsewhere
Grossly misrepresents what our products do
Includes a screenshot that shows an outdated version of one or more of our products*

*We are thirteen years in continuous development. All four RiteKit consumer software solutions have gone through many iterations as we add features and streamline user interfaces. Some lazy bloggers tend to find old articles on our products and rather than actually trying our products, they copy/paste what they find, not realizing what they are claiming our products do may have been only partially correct when published - years ago.

Here is an example of how we assess a daily email from TalkWalker Alerts and decide which posts to open, highlight quotes from, and share to social

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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