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If you do not get access to Facebook pages or Instagram Business Profiles to integrate with RiteKit

Updated January 5, 2023

If you go through the steps but are not given the desired Facebook page to add in Publishing or Instagram Business Profiles to add in Integrations:

If you go through the steps and get to a window that shows no pages or does not show the Facebook page or IG Business Profile that you wish to add, then
you are either not signed in to Facebook as yourself or
are not the owner or a manager of the page you wish to add or
have not given all permissions when you in the page/profile's settings.

Note that no third-party apps are able to publish to Facebook Profiles or Groups anymore; Facebook took this back.

What to do:

Log in to Facebook and see and make sure you see that you have authorized RiteKit. If so, you'll see:

Click on Ritekit and make sure you have these authorized:

Also, you may need to make your account a Creator account.

Scroll down and be sure you see you have given all permissions, as shown below:

Here's how to check (video with no sound):

Please be sure that you have given all permissions needed to the RiteKit app

Note that in the video, he turns off two permissions and then turns them on and saves.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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