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Preventing and solving login problems, account sharing, transferring account ownership

Updated January 5, 2023

If you are paying for any RiteKit products and see that you are on a trial or the trial expired, either:

You are paying for one product, but hit one of the top menu (Hashtags, Enhance, Link Ads, Publishing) items at the top, and these, being other products, are not what you are paying for or
You used something other than the login(s) for your paid account, and created a new account, and are either in a trial or did one and it expired.

Sharing your account and solving login problems

Please always login the same way or add social profiles and make them logins (Twitter or Facebook). Then, use any of the social profiles to login.

You begin with one login, depending on how you set up your RiteKit account. It is either email, Twitter, Facebook or Buffer*.

Note that if you are logged in to Twitter with a different Twitter account and login to RiteKit, you will create more accounts in our system. Please, thus, always login the same way. Once logged in, you can make other Twitter accounts logins by opening a new browser tab, login to another Twitter account in the new tab. Then, back in the RiteKit Dashboard, add Twitter account, and make it a login account. This way, no matter which Twitter account you're logged into, you can access your paid plan(s) in Ritekit.

You can do the same with Facebook: login to RiteKit while logged in to Facebook on the account you used when you set up your RiteKit account. Then, open another browser tab, logout of Facebook, login to Facebook with another account, then back in RiteKit, +Facebook.

Note that you can share access to desktop RiteKit site and browser extensions and most of our mobile apps, but not the RiteTag mobile apps (Toolkit, Generator).

*Buffer: If you signed up with Buffer, please add a twitter or Facebook login. Buffer's API is unstable and causing problems. Note that you can use RiteTag and RiteBoost (Enhance) in Buffer even though your login to RiteKit is not with Buffer.

If you cannot remember your login account

Please give us name, email(s) to search and last four digits (ONLY these four) of the credit card you paid with and roughly, the payment date.

Transferring your account to someone else

Add their social profile as explained above. Then, disable your own social profile(s):

Then, chat to us on the RiteKit site, get a link for changing the payment method.

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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