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Video and image auto resizing and publishing to social networks from RiteForge and the RiteKit Package

Updated January 25, 2023

When you create posts with images or videos, RiteForge automatically resizes them for perfect publishing to all four major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Image auto-resizing: how it works:

The below image falls outside the range of acceptable proportions for Instagram:

Not a problem, I just write the post text, drag in the image, add a RiteTag Hashtag Set (see the process below in the animation):

Add image, add Hashtag Set for first comment in Instagram, Publish: 5 seconds

Be sure to search the main RiteKit Package help page for everything else you'll rely on the Package for.

See the video below for auto-resizing of videos and images (shown with a video shared with the post I demonstrate) for all social networks, which will auto-play wherever possible:

Video limits:
Twitter - 140 seconds
Instagram- 60 seconds
Facebook - 20 minutes
LinkedIn - 10 minutes

Images can be up to 100 MB filesize

RiteKit Package, for desktop and mobile publishing of auto-resized images and videos to Instagram and everywhere that earns you business, offers these advantages:

Auto-hashtagging from actual image content
First comment to Instagram, including access to your RiteTag Hashtag Sets
Actionable analytics: find the posts that scored engagement, link clicks and more, and reshare what scored best - as you define post success
Automatically fix the format and aspect ratio of Instagram images
Automatically convert videos to the format supported by Instagram
Creating quote images right from the composer
Mobile friendly: RiteForge can be used just by going to on mobile, no need to install an app

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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