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Is there a RiteKit package or multi-user or team plan?

Updated February 19, 2023

You can share your RiteKit Package with as many team members as you like - and with no additional cost.

The RiteKit Package is $65/month or $650/year. Add as many users as you like and the cost remains the same.

How to share your RiteKit Package with as many team members as you like.

There is no cost for extra seats, but the RiteTag mobile app is not included for team members beyond the registrant. Hashtag Reports and Instagram Account Coach Reports are not included, since our costs, and your's, depend on the volume of data, as decided by the hashatg (and instances of use), or the number of posts and date-range you select for an Instagram Account Coach Report.

How to share your RiteKit Package with as many team members as you like (and pay no more when you do so)

However you registered, you have your basic login: email, Twitter or Facebook.

If you registered with Buffer, please add an additional login; we'll be removing Buffer login soon because the Buffer API does not give us what we need to help with account recovery.

If you do not wish to share the login credentials to the existing RiteKit login with your team, in Settings, add an additional Twitter or Facebook account. It could be a personal social profile of a colleague or even a newly-made Twitter/Facebook account that you create and share credentials for, just for RiteKit login.

What to do:
With RiteKit open in one browser tab, open another browser tab and log out of Twitter or Facebook. In the new tab, then log in with the Twitter/Facebook account you wish to add.
Back in your RiteKit tab, hit the + under Twitter or Facebook Login.

Use the Allow for login button to make the newly-added Twitter or Facebook account.

Finally, set up scheduling times per social profile added with the calendar icon beside each social profile in Settings.

Remember to always login to RiteKit with one of the social profiles or email you have set for login. (It is not possible to add emails for login.)

Not only can you share your RiteKit Package with your team, but if you have clients/partners that you would like to create and schedule social posts for, just get their Twitter/FB login credentials and add their accounts in Settings.

Use the quick setup video first, add clients' social profiles and make their advertisements (to embed on top of URLs you share in social and elsewhere) later:

Also see: Comparing Buffer Agency + Business with the RiteKit Package

This article shows how to get set up as an agency, with Link Ads, Enhance Presets for different team members, and how all your people can add their social profiles to one RiteForge account.

Let's compare: The closest competitor's tier pricing vs. RiteKit's just-what-you-need pricing

With, you get unlimited brand logos and unlimited Link Ads at just $15/month. Beyond that, metering is done by monthly clicks on your links. Finally, if you want to not opt out of advertising for every time you share a URL with a Link Ad, that starts at $59/month with

RiteKit Package's vs. and six other value-added link shorteners

Social media publishing: Buffer vs. RiteForge
Buffer Essentials is $5/month per channel (social profile), while RiteForge is $15/month for unlimited channels.

As you add the social profiles of just one or two clients, you will need their Agency Plan: $100/month for 10 social profiles to publish to. With RiteKit Package, 2,000 scheduled posts across unlimited social profile queues. Further, you get all the social crafting tools built into the RiteForge Composer, included templated and dynamically-font-resizing text images (Image/Gif Templates). With Buffer Pablo, nothing is templated; each use of Pablo opens a new browser tab and forgotten when you close the tab.

You might also want to compare the package with MeetEdgar.

We think you'll like social post auto-generation with Enhance and generating text images in 2 seconds, not 6 minutes - and soft-selling every time you share a post containing a URL. Only RiteKit offers this, either with RiteForge or the RiteKit Package.

What's more, with Buffer, you would need to pay for to bake your advertisements onto what people see when they click URLs in your social posts. With the RiteKit Package, our alternative (though our's is white-label, and also includes video ads), is included.

Updated on: 19/02/2023

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