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Affiliate marketing and selling anything with RiteKit

With, and also used within the RiteKit Package, you earn by sharing links (URLs) of web pages that have your advertisement on them. You will share your links in emails, Twittter, Mastadon, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram comments and forums, etc.

You make the advertisements in and they lead people to links that have your affiliate code in them. Test your own affiliate links: do they open in all browsers? You can use to promote anything you like. It can be crypto offers, porn, cannabis, etc. - business types that are blocked in many places.

Facebook and LinkedIn will block all links. You can use them just about anywhere else. This changes over time; we cannot control this.

See How to Make Link Ads with to get started and, if you wish to automatically generate many social posts from 14 sources, automatically add your advertisements to links in the social posts and schedule to Twitter, etc., see the RiteKit Package Fast Setup tutorial.

Some web sites block iFraming, which is how works. See this page for how to check if you can advertise on links to web pages from any site. Before sharing links of pages from a site you do not know to not block iFraming, check.

What's more, you can advertise on top of links to the hottest Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Pinterest stars. Ride the interest in them to advertise whatever you like. (And yes, this is legal.) Search our knowledge base for solutions, such as exactly how to advertise on anyone's Tiktoks. Just search "tiktok" or "snapchat," etc.

Free Trial users can only use for the short links made with When you pay for RiteKit Package (US$65/month) or for (US$15/month), you get one free custom domain, and you'll make new Link Ads with your custom domain. Additional custom subdomains can be added later, US$10 each. If you wish to use custom subdoamin, note that you will need to make new Link Ads with the subdomain; you cannot convert Link Ads to your subdomain.

You may see that you get clicks on your links, "Link Clicks," but zero or very few Ad Views. This is due to the fact that very, very few people click on ads. (Do you?)

The main thing you get with is exposure, not click-throughs. Here's what I get, the screenshot below. You can see that it took getting to high numbers of views before I started to get a tiny percentage of Ad Views.

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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