Updated June 4, 2021
Rite.ly can be purchased on a subscription basis, either as a stand-alone (a la carte) product or as port of the RiteKit Package - maximum savings.

In addition to Rite.ly's exclusive video calls-to-action (ads), and the many types of content that Rite.ly lets you advertise on top of and Snip.ly does not, a huge benift with Rite.ly is how you only pay for what you need.

As with all Ritekit products, when you get started with Rite.ly, you will start a free trial. Our trials just expire. We do not get credit card information up front, and we do not assume the sale. Even if you pay for any RiteKit products, you will not be billed for Rite.ly or anything else you trial without you visiting pricing and deciding to upgrade.

Say you just launched a budding social media management agency. Your low and mid-tier clients will use your domain for their Rite.ly URLs. You have no top-tier clients yet. When you do, you will set up and use their domain for their Rite.ly URLs. For now, just the one domain will do. We don't think you should pay for six (Snip.ly Business does this), just one. Just another $10/month. For most, the RiteKit Package is the best for integrating Rite.ly Link Ads into your auto-post generation and scheduling. Search "Package" in our help directory for more.

Comparing Ritely and Sniply on features and costs

Because the closest competitor to Rite.ly, Snip.ly, offers features based on their tiers, the cheapest tier you'll need to get even one custom domain is Business: US$149/month. That would cost you $25/month (Rite.ly Pro $15 + one custom domain $10) with us. Even just to replace the Snip.ly logo (linked to their site) with your new agency's logo or your client's logos, again, due to their packages, the number of brand logos are limited by tier, and the cheapest tier that allows this at all is Business, $149/month. With Rite.ly, you get unlimited brand logos with Rite.ly Pro: $15/month.

If you want to not opt out of advertising for Snip.ly every time you share a URL with a Link Ad, and/or you want to use even one custom domain, that starts at $149/month with Snip.ly.

Pay for the link clicks you need, custom domains you need, and scale up or down on a month to month basis with Rite.ly. Start very small and inch up costs as your revenue grows.

Not sure which RiteKit products you need? See our quick overview of the solutions that each product provides:

Developers: use Rite.ly as your URL shortener in your software. See our API Demo Dashboard for this and many other solutions.
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