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How to use with custom subdomain

Updated February 19, 2023

Note that if you are on a free trial of or the full RiteKit Package, you will need to use our native Rite.Link (and cannot share to FB or LinkedIn). When you buy or Package, you can then set up your custom subdomain(s).

Access to one custom subdomain is included with RiteKit Package and with stand-alone (from when you pay for or RiteKit Package.) You cannot use subdomain on a free trial. Of course, you control the branding - logo, colors, fonts and everything. When you pay for or RiteKit Package, it is all "white-label."

You need to have your own domain hosted somewhere, such as for your website, and then, in your DNS settings, make a subdomain and use this subdomain only for

This page is the how-to for setting up your custom domain for Link Ads.
Do this before making ads, because you cannot change already-made Link Ads from our default domain to your custom domain. If you go from a free trial to paying, you will need to make new Link ads after setting up your custom domain.

This help page is for general Link Ad creation.

Note that for links shortened with, Facebook and LinkedIn will not accept them. This is beyond our control; FB and LinkedIn are now blocking all short links created of full URLs. So, if using RiteForge, RiteBoost for scheduling posts, we suggest that you do not shorten links for posts you schedule to LinkedIn or Facebook. If just using, even with custom subdomain, please use them in Tweets, emails, IG comments - and everywhere else - just not in FB or LinkedIn.

If you use Free or Pro without custom domain, URLs in your posts will be shortened
from: to: get the '' element replaced with a subdomain hosted on your domain hosting provider and go full white-label. Your image, your URLs, advertisement logos, and everything will be promote your clients and you; no mention of RiteKit or anywhere you share with RiteKit. Also, to publish posts to Facebook with URLs, you will need to use at least one custom subdomain.

With Pro you can replace with the subdomain of your self-hosted domain of your choice. You can do this with the RiteKit Package or any paid tier of

1. One custom subdomain is included with either (paid, not while on trial) or the RiteKit Package (paid).

You can purchase slots for additional custom subdomains for - such as for clients, other brands, businesses, etc.

See Upgrade page:

Add as many custom subdomains as you need. You can add more later, as needed: hit Upgrade in the site, hit the plus on domains in the section, then hit Upgrade:

2. Set up DNS of your subdomain(s)

Login to your domain manager (GoDaddy, Namecheap, 1&1, etc.) where you bought your domain and setup your DNS records according to instructions in

A typical mistake in DNS settings:
Please leave A Record blank and change the CNAME Record to "Link":

3. Verify each domain in

Go to, enter your subdomain name and click Verify. Please note that DNS changes made in the Step 2 might take several hours to propagate. You may need to verify your domains after several hours from changing DNS records.

Important: The Domain of an existing Link Ad cannot be changed. If you wish to replace domain with your own subdomain, you will need to make new a new Link Ad.


Updated on: 19/02/2023

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