Some sites block Link Ads, (CTAs on URLs you can share anywhere). Some sites use code that blocks Link Ads.

Always test a site you don't know before scheduling posts with URLs to ensure that your Link Ads will display.

Also, please use full URLs to make's, rather than making a URL from an already-shortened URL. Facebook and some other social and content networks blocks posts with twice-shortened URLs. For example, if you want to share a post that contains a URL, etc., click that link get the full URL that opens, and make a link from the full URL.

Here's how to check if a site you don't already know will display Link Ads, using either the dashboard or the browser extension.

When you test a page from a site and find your breaks to the original full URL, we may understand this to be a business decision on the part of the site owner. By blocking their site from being iFramed, which does, there are pageview losses. There are prominent aggregation sites, such as (formerly StumbleUpon), which rely on the ability to iFrame other site's pages. So, for those that block iFraming,'s will break to original URL, your Link Ads will not display, but there is also a loss for them, which is why most sites do not block from displaying your Link Ads.

How to shorten a link and click the link to open in a new tab, see that your Link Ad displays:

Things to know:

This also works with custom domains for and invisible Link Ads, too.
If you test one page from a site and your Link Ad displays or, in the case of invisible Link Ads (just for collecting viewers of your links in tracking pixels), if your link does not break to the original full URL, all pages from that site will allow your Link Ads.

You can also test pages with the RiteForge browser extension

If you would like to use the RiteForge browser extension to test, you can do this by:

Have the RiteForge browser extension installed.
Open a page from a site where you would like to share pages and click the RiteForge browser button.
Under the page title and URL, to the left of the hashtag suggestions, click the back button in the RiteForge Composer modal (popup) that opens.
Click in the URL and then, the Test link, below.

You can get browser extensions for, RiteForge and all RiteKit products at the bottom of the RiteKit site.
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