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Can links of my site affect my SEO or ad revenue?

Negative SEO or views?

No. uses canonical headers that tell Google and other search engines to not recognize as the writer and owner of the content. We forward all credit to the original site.

As for site views, encourages readers to share your content. After all, while you may have social sharing buttons on your site, a reader who shares your content gets nothing for his trouble; when he creates and shares it with a short link, he gets to promote something beneficial to himself. The average customer shares 15-20% more content after starting to use, and that's good business for anyone who wants their content seen.

*Tracking pixels embedded in URLs: see this article.

What about my site's advertisement revenue?

Totally unaffected. In fact, your site ads are visible and active to those viewing the site through a URL as well as if they click the X to break to full URL.

Ads on your site and clicks on such advertising are completely unaffected. With, either as a standalone product or used within the RiteKit Package, our customers either make their own links, for their own sharing, for the tracking pixels benefit* and/or to place a text, image or video overlay that is seen by those who click links shared by them alone.

Updated on: 27/02/2023

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