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How to automatically place your Link Ad on URLs in all posts in any Buffer queue

Updated January 5, 2023

How to get your Link Ad embedded in URLs in all Buffered posts

Note: Shortening links automatically in Buffer requires a RiteBoost plan. Also possible with the RiteKit Package.

Use this process to get URLs in your Buffered posts shortened with* Choose an image, text, video or invisible (tracking only, for social ads, etc.) Link Ad on URLs in your posts. Stay in the loop when your audience members click your links. 

Soft-sell when you share socially.
Make the easy shift from sharing to social for "presence" or "developing thought leadership" to making social your number one inbound marketing channel.
Get something back when you share, and always.

In RiteKit Integrations, connect Buffer. You will be asked to choose which Buffer queue(s) you wish to connect.
In the RiteBoost Bulk Creator dashboard ("Enhance," at the top of all RiteKit sites > Bulk Creator, lower left), hit +New Formula and select Buffer. Toggle the Formula ON.
Toggle hashtags and images off, but enable Shorten Links "on" and select a Link Ad that you've created in


Note that for links shortened with, Facebook and LinkedIn will not accept them. This is beyond our control; FB and LinkedIn are now blocking all short links created of full URLs. So, if using RiteForge, RiteBoost for scheduling posts, we suggest that you do not shorten links for posts you schedule to LinkedIn or Facebook. If just using, even with custom subdomain, please use them in Tweets, emails, IG comments - and everywhere else - just not in FB or LinkedIn.

Before making many links see how to test sites with the and RiteForge browser extensions:

How to check if a site will display Link Ads

Also search our library of tutorials for mobile, custom domain, remarking pixel targeting and more solutions:

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Updated on: 04/01/2023

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