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Using for exposure and brand recognition, testing ads, archiving those that fail

Updated June 16, 2023

When we see an advertisement during The Superbowl, World Cup, etc., we know that it cost someone a tremendous amount of money to get the attention of someone who certainly is not going to leave their sofa, run right out and buy beer, let alone a car. The advertiser is cementing a place in our minds. This is exposure. This is what is extremely good for, rather than getting people to actually click on your ad button and do the desired action.

Be sure to see the main Link Ad Settings help page and then, How to check if a site allows's. is very powerful for exposure: being seen. Expecting people to click/tap your link and then click/tap on the Ad Button, especially the first time they see it is an unrealistic expectation. Like any advertisement, this is true - because people do not click on advertisements.

You may see that you get clicks on your links, "Link Clicks," but zero or very few Ad Views. This is due to the fact that very, very few people click on ads. (Do you?)

The main thing you get with is exposure, not click-throughs. Here's what I get, the screenshot below. You can see that it took getting to high numbers of views before I started to get a tiny percentage of Ad Views.

People click on the links in your social posts and see the ad; they do not act on it. We know if they actually saw the ad or, such as if there's a delay or, if someone immediately closes an opened page before your ad appears, and this is why there's a tiny disparity between Link Clicks and Ad Views.

Because of the risk of our customers making mistakes that would include forgetting places that they have shared URLs that they need to keep working, it is impossible to delete Link Ads. You can archive them, and if you do so, they will no longer be available in your Enhance options or the RiteBoost Bulk Creator's automation dashboard.

Our advice:

Experiment with ad types (videos work best for us) and Ad Button Text. Tweak for better CTR (click-through rate).
I'm Saul and do 100% of the marketing for RiteKit. We do not pay for Twitter or other social ads because they are many times more costly than using, and no more effective. See my results in the screenshot below. You will see that I have tried and archived many ads that failed or we for campaigns that ended. You will also see that I get the exposure, the thing that makes RiteKit, and RiteTag, and our API as well very known. This is what marketing does. If we were to include the results from Link Ads that I have archived, I have garnered over 1.5 million views of our solutions. This is what makes our solutions and company known. And it gets us a small stream of people coming to our sites for solutions as well.
Test ad types and Ad Button Text. test position on page. Whatever you do, replace our logo with your own, and note that the logo link need not be the same as the Ad Button Link.
You can edit an ad but for a clearer view of what gets better results, archiving an ad and making a new one can be worthwhile. You can unarchive ads and revise them, use them again if needed. for exposure, not CTR

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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