How to attach a call-to-action to links you share with

How to add your Link Ad to blog posts, articles, and sites you share to social:

Open and edit your default Link Ad or add one in the Dashboard.
Set "Shorten links with" in your default Enhance preset to your default Link Ad. You'll be able to override that with the pull-down beside Enhance in RiteForge, RiteBoost and the and RiteForge browser extensions and mobile apps.

TIP: Be sure to replace branding with your company logo or your clients' logos. Each Link Ad can have totally different color schemes, branding, and market for totally different initiatives.

Here how to do that, how to optimize one hashtag for engagement, one for Tweet lifetime (for showing up in search and hashtags click for months, not hours), and what my Link Ad looks like (and does!) on a URL that I shared in a Tweet:

How to check if a site will display your Link Ad

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