Updated June 4, 2021
Work-arounds for those getting posts scheduled to Facebook stuck due to "link goes against community standards"

Those using Rite.ly in their Enhance, whether using the combination of RiteForge+Rite.ly or using the RiteKit Package, may see that posts queued to be published to Facebook pages are getting stuck. (We are too.)

Facebook is becoming increasingly cautious about URLs in Facebook posts, particularly when scheduled from any third-party software product. Rite.ly is no exception. Here are your choices in dealing with this:

Get a custom domain if you do not have one already by chatting to us on the site and telling us how many custom domains you need. They are US$10/month. You can use a custom domain with as many newly-created Link Ads as you like.

We recommend that you first see the custom domain help page first; you will need to own a domain and use a subdomain that is doing nothing else as your Rite.ly custom domain. You will need to re-do your Link Ads and you will need to delete scheduled posts that were made before you started using the custom domain. You will also need to write us and let us know that we need to get your Rite.ly custom domain whitelisted, after you set it up.

Deselect Place my ad on links for Facebook. If you are okay with not advertising with your URLs when you share to Facebook, there is an easier option. Use Rite.ly in your Enhance with posts going to Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter, but only for Facebook make a "For Facebook" Enhance Preset here, deselect "Place my ad on links" (and save):

For those with RiteKit Package or RiteBoost, in your RiteBoost Bulk Creator automation dashboard's Formulas, Enhance with "Place my ad on links" deselected. As you can see below, you can get any other Enhance effects, but the URLs in the posts will not be shortened, and Facebook should not have a problem with them:

If you go with option no. 1, other than your login social profile, the easiest way to delete scheduled posts is to remove the social profile in RiteKit Settings, remove the social profile with the X beside it. Add it again, and create and schedule new posts after setting up your custom domain.
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