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Start A Fire alternative lowest cost tinyURL with CTA that includes full branding, tracking and video CTAs

Updated January 5, 2023

Coming from StartAFire or Here are instructions that will help you to set up your Link Ads (CTAs) in no time. Use on a no-credit-card free trial and then, when you pay, use completely white-label, with your logo, and your own custom domain.

What are the main differences between Start A Fire, Sniply and wins on affordability, white-labelling (replace with your domain, your logo and logo link in ads), and video ads, too, which nothing else offers.

Start A Fire offered only one type and no custom domain. With, not only do you get our exclusive video ads, but also, you replace our branding with your own at the lowest paid tier, and get unlimited ads and brands.

Ritely vs. Sniply: features and costs

Compare with here.

Quick comparison of and

Note that for links shortened with, Facebook and LinkedIn will not accept them. This is beyond our control; FB and LinkedIn are now blocking all short links created of full URLs. So, if using RiteForge, RiteBoost for scheduling posts, we suggest that you do not shorten links for posts you schedule to LinkedIn or Facebook. If just using, even with custom subdomain, please use them in Tweets, emails, IG comments - and everywhere else - just not in FB or LinkedIn. offers multiple types and positions of Link Ads that can be combined together:

Great for promoting your social media profiles or blogs

Ideal for visually richer Link Ads

Suitable for more complex messages that need to be delivered via video

Perfect for collecting audience for your tracking pixels. The same tracking options are available for all other Link Ad types as well

Login to
Connect Buffer in RiteKit Settings
Click Automation in the top navbar
Click the Create Formula button
Choose Buffer source and select the account where you want your links to be shortened with
Click Load from Buffer
Make sure the Shorten link with Link Ad formula option is ON
Make sure Run automatically is ON
Click Save

Note: Shortening links automatically in Buffer requires a RiteBoost plan

Install extension for Chrome and Firefox
Make sure you have the page you want to share opened in the current tab
Click button in the top right corner of your browser

Install for iOS
Make sure you have the page you want to share opened in the current tab
Click button in the top right corner of your browser

Pricing has flexible pricing that grows as your business grows.

NEW: even at the lowest paid tier, 5,000 clicks, now includes one custom subdomain!

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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